A short presentation of our members: CEFS, CEPM & CIBE joining forces to promote sustainable beet, sugar and maize production for European farmers, operators, employees and consumers. Follow our page to learn more!

About members CEFS

CEFS (European Association of Sugar Manufacturers) is an international non-profit organization and the representative body for the EU Institutions since 1953, sharing knowledge and technical expertise on sugar. It is composed of sugar-producing companies in the EU and Switzerland. Through its activities, it aims at ensuring and/or supporting (1) sustainable sugar production for EU operators, growers, employees and consumers, (2) the proper functioning of the EU single market (3) a level playing field on the world stage.

About members CEPM

CEPM (European Confederation of Maize Production) is a representative organization for maize producers in the EU, with members in 10 Member States. It brings together trade and inter-trade organizations whose mission is to represent and defend in their respective countries the interests of all or part of the maize chain: corn, maize silage, maize seed and sweetcorn. Now recognized as the benchmark organization for European maize production, CEPM has a mission of information:technical, regulatory and economic, and as such sits in 5 Civil Dialogue Groups.

About members CIBE

CIBE (International Confederation of European Beet Growers), an international non-profit organization founded in 1927, defends and represents the interests of Europe’s sugar beet growers vis-à-vis European Institutions, international organizations and other stakeholders. CIBE is composed of national and regional associations from 17 European beet-producing countries, including around 140 000 growers from 15 EU countries and roughly 130 000 growers from 2 non-EU countries (Turkey and Switzerland).

CIBE and CEFS are – along with EFFAT, the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions, part of the EU Beet Sugar Sustainability Partnership, a coalition of EU beet growers, sugar manufacturers and trade unions active in sustainability. They advocate robust good practices that help deepen sustainability in practice across their industries, in dialogue with the stakeholders.


APPR is a professional association of farmers working surfaces between 50 and 50,000 ha but also representatives of the professional chain of corn in Romania. As such, it represents the interests of maize producers from Romania at both national and European level. To this end, the main objectives and areas of work of the association are to provide technical expertise, economic and professional communication for members and professional organizations of farmers in Romania.


Ceettar (European Confederation of Agricultural, Rural and Forestry Contractors) established in 1961, represents about 150,000 companies and nearly 600,000 workers. It aims to represent the interests of land-based contractors in Europe.